Susanne Copei Colour & Coating Inspector FROSIO III
Schlagbaumsweg 1, 38729 Ostlutter
Tel. 05383 - 90 70 67,
Mobile 0151 - 55 95 41 67

Every type of steel construction must be protected against corrosion depending on the application, load and location

The most effective protection is decided by corrosion experts. Through regular inspection and maintenance the protective effect can be optimally extended over the entire period of use. Protective measures are tailored precisely to the object in question and are the result of a number of specifications, e.g. where the building stands, in an industrial plant or in the water, what loads the material is exposed to, and what service life is specified. In addition, there are object-related features to take into account, such as material and, for example, salt. Of course, optical features must also be guaranteed, such as colouring and possibly also technical functionalities.

As a corrosion protection expert in accordance with FROSIO III, I offer you advice and supervision of all corrosion protection measures, even at international level. This includes the needs analysis, preparation according to standard specifications, the testing and preparation of the coating system according to your and the legal requirements, and the supervision of the coating work by qualified companies.

Of course, all processes and results are documented and logged.


  • - Salt, dust and pore penetration tests Roughness measurements
  • - Roughness measurements
  • - Climate and layer thickness measurement
  • - Crosshatch analysis
  • - Checking of roll-off and outlet containers according to DGUV R114-010